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Agricultural applications
M40 bean huller
    发布时间: 1970-01-01 08:00    


SEREN M40 series are multifunctional hulling & peeling machine main designed for home using purpose for various grains processing in farm applications to automate the process of removing the chaff of rice and millet, to peel the corn, soybean and coffee bean etc. The no blade design makes it perfect to process long shape rice with low broken rates. The sieve is made from stainless steel which is extremely robust with long working life up to 8000kg,and the roller is high quality steel with 50,000kg service time.

This series rice mill machine have M40 and M40P two types. M40P is the new butterfly type with advanced function and fancy design. It has an extra switch adjust the husking level of cereals, which makes it possible to make brown rice too. M40P equipped an circuit breaker and galvanometer to protect the machine for safety when it is overloaded.

With the user friendly design and multi-purpose, M40 series are widely welcomed by farmers.


No blade design, Natural friction husking

Advanced circuit breaker for safety

Multifunctional peeler and huller

Robust steel roller with 60,000kg service time.

Sieve: durable stainless steel material, more than 8000kg working life